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The following are all ways for you to advertise your product or market your events:


- Commercials usually run between shows and events and vary in prices due to many factors. We can create ads for you for a production fee that varies. Ask us about that service.


- Infomercials are the 10-15 minute features on ShoppersTV which airs during the day of AspireTV. The infomercials are neatly designed for the home shopping market which is growing in size in T&T. If you do not have an ad, that's no problem. Our HD and GoPro Camera Team can produce an ad to suit your budget.

All informercials are also posted at no additional charge on ShoppersTV Online and Facebook/YouTube.


- Tickers are a cost-effective way to give exposure to your product or event in small yet repeated bursts. Usually for smaller and entrepreneurial businesses. These ads run at the side of the screen and price depends on how many and how frequently you want them.


- Co-branding AspireTV, ShoppersTV, or any other program on our schedule is also an effective medium where advertising costs are shared but both brands get seen. If you wish to share a billboard or other media with us, feel free to tell us.

Live TV Events

- AspireTV can air live events or record live events and re-broadcast at another time. Our HD and GoPro Cameras mean that you get the best quality footage for your event.

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